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Arab League Backs Morocco for Cutting Off Ties with Iran · May 3, 14:48

The Arab League said Thursday it supports Morocco’s decision to sever ties with Iran over its alleged support for the Polisario Front in the disputed Western Sahara. Tehran has denied supporting the pro-independence group.

The spokesman for the Arab League’s secretary-general, Mahmoud Afifi, said that the Arab League condemns and rejects Iran’s s intervention in Morocco or any other Arab country’s internal affairs.

He also called on Arab nations to refrain from non-action in the face of what he called Iran’s strategy aimed at spreading chaos and instability in the region.

Morocco cut ties with Iran on Tuesday. Iran has dismissed Morocco’s accusations as “completely baseless.”

The separatist Polisario Front is seeking the independence of the Western Sahara region, a former Spanish colony that Morocco annexed in 1975.

SourceAgence France Presse

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