5 mins ago

    Discovery of human cases of bird flu.. Will it turn into another Corona?

    37 mins ago

    Trump chooses his candidate for vice president. He was his enemy and described him in the ugliest terms

    1 hour ago

    The USA Basketball Team Defeats Australia in a Thrilling Match

    2 hours ago

    Al-Assad responds to Erdogan’s call for reconciliation… I will do it on one condition

    5 hours ago

    Syrian businessman Baraa Qaterji was targeted near the border with Lebanon

    8 hours ago

    Extension of sanctions on Iran from the European Union for one year

    9 hours ago

    From the guest invited by Trump to speak at the Republican Party convention

    10 hours ago

    Reasons for America’s failure in ending Cuba

    11 hours ago

    Clashes in the Syrian city of Sweida coincide with parliamentary elections

    11 hours ago

    Trump: I survived by a miracle and Biden was kind to me

    12 hours ago

    Details of the naval attack off the coast of Yemen

    14 hours ago

    The President of the Syrian Government casts his vote in the elections and confirms that Syria is in a new phase

    14 hours ago

    Smotrich reveals Israel’s intentions regarding swap deal

    16 hours ago

    Israeli port officially declares bankruptcy.. And the reason

    16 hours ago

    Messi cries and Argentina holds the 16th Copa America Cup

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