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    7 hours ago

    Inflation in Turkey jumps to a significant level

    8 hours ago

    Syria stuns Tunisia in the Arab Cup

    10 hours ago

    Cold feet in winter .. What are the reasons?

    10 hours ago

    Blinken: Diplomatic paths with Iran are “short”

    11 hours ago

    “Omicron” sweeps the world without deaths!

    12 hours ago

    Biden lays out a plan to prevent Russia from invading Ukraine

    13 hours ago

    New York Mayor announces the registration of new cases of the Corona virus

    14 hours ago

    New features that Google is adding to Android phones, get to know them

    15 hours ago

    German authorities impose new restrictions on football stadiums in the country due to Corona

    16 hours ago

    Global Health warns of a wider spread of the Corona virus due to the new mutant “Omicron”

    17 hours ago

    Turkish-Syrian debate over “Iskenderun Brigade”

    1 day ago

    A surprise that may change the course of the investigation into the murder of a Syrian worker in Nancy Ajram’s house

    1 day ago

    George Kordahi intends to submit his resignation on Friday

    1 day ago

    Barcelona’s winter deal in the attack “almost settled”

    1 day ago

    One week after its discovery, what countries did the “Omicron” mutant reach?

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