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    58 mins ago

    A man beats his wife to death in Egypt

    3 hours ago

    An Egyptian artist crying on the air. And the reason

    3 hours ago

    SpaceX plans to launch 52 rockets this year

    4 hours ago

    The United States supplies gas to Europe

    5 hours ago

    Austin: We don’t think Putin made a final decision

    5 hours ago

    The Syrian Army prevents American troops from entering El-Hasakah

    6 hours ago

    Disaster in Pennsylvania before the President’s visit

    7 hours ago

    Suspension of the Iranian nuclear negotiations with the agreement of all parties to consult

    8 hours ago

    New Mexico’s governor works as a substitute teacher due to the Corona virus

    8 hours ago

    Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates his girlfriend Georgina’s birthday in a special way

    11 hours ago

    The Syrian security services reveal the circumstances of the kidnapping of a mastermind in Damascus countryside

    12 hours ago

    Mona Zaki’s first comment on the uproar about the movie “ashab wala aeaz”

    17 hours ago


    1 day ago

    Beren Sat shocked by Erdogan’s threats to cut the tongue of a Turkish singer!

    1 day ago

    A revolution in the world of medical engineering, predicting heart attacks a year before they occur

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