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      Jordanian army: We will not allow our airspace to be used by any party

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      Al-Somah announces his return to represent the Syrian national team

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      Pentagon: We shot down 82 Iranian planes

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      Biden: America is committed to Israel’s security

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      Chelsea faces Everton with an eye on victory

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      Ukraine gets Caesar cannons from France

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      Germany is taking a similar step with Iran

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      Meghan Markle’s jealousy embarrasses an audience member

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      Bishop Mar Mary Emmanuel Youssef was stabbed several times by an unknown person, during a sermon he was delivering at the Church of Christ the Good Shepherd in Australia. Horrific footage of the incident, which was broadcast live on the church’s YouTube page, shows Bishop Emmanuel looking on in shock as the attacker suddenly collapses on his face and head.

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      Lebanese caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati said on Monday that Israel is dragging the region into war and the international community must pay attention to that and put an end to this war. The Lebanese Prime Minister quoted Mikati as saying during a government meeting: “Although we have repeatedly stressed that we are not warmongers, the Israeli attacks cannot be tolerated, and we do not accept that our airspace is violated.” Mikati stressed, “We place these attacks on the international community, and we always submit complaints to the Security Council in this regard.” Earlier today, the Lebanese National News Agency reported that nine people were injured as a result of an Israeli raid that targeted a house in the town of Siddiqin last night, noting that Israeli aircraft also launched a series of raids this morning on other areas in the south of the country. The Israeli army and the Lebanese Hezbollah group have exchanged cross-border shelling on an almost daily basis since the outbreak of war in the Gaza Strip on October 7th. The Israeli army also announced today that four soldiers were injured as a result of an explosion of unknown origin that occurred last night in the northern region near the border with Lebanon

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      Organ trafficking network offered stolen organs online

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      Gifts come to Manchester City before meeting Real Madrid

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      Leverkusen is champion of the German League for the first time in its history

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      The Iranian attack on Israeli bases makes Zelensky jealous

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