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حرس الحدود البولندي ينقذ مهاجرين علقوا في مستنقع

The Polish border guards service revealed that its teams managed to rescue eight irregular migrants from a swamp on the border with Belarus.
“The personnel of the border guards, along with firefighters, the air rescue service and the police, carried out a rescue operation for several hours in the swamps in the remote areas of the Suprasl River on the Polish-Belarus border,” he said in a statement.
“Eight migrants, including five men and three women, were rescued,” he added, and seven of them were taken to hospital.
The identification of the migrants is currently underway, said Anna Michalskaya, a spokeswoman for the border guards, “but it can be assumed in principle that one of them is a citizen of the Congo, and the rest are Syrian citizens.”

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