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100 drowned and the search continues

The number of victims of the Lebanese boat that sank off the coast of Tartous governorate is increasing every day, as the number of victims has risen to 99, after a new body belonging to a girl was found off the island of Arwad.

The Director of Syrian Ports, Brigadier General Samer Kobarli, indicated that the number of victims has reached 99 people so far, after a new body was found this morning, which was handed over to the General Authority of Al-Basel Hospital.

Where the Red Crescent, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, handed over a number of the bodies of the victims to the Lebanese Red Cross, through the Arida border crossing, as part of its response to the drowning incident that has continued since Thursday evening, September 22, 2022, and included assistance in rescuing the survivors, exhuming the bodies and transporting them to Al-Basel Hospital and identifying them.

According to the survivors’ statements, the sinking boat was carrying more than 160 people, which were headed to Cyprus, of whom the bodies of 99 victims and 20 survivors were found, while searches are still underway for the other bodies.

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