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16 countries condemn France and boycott its products!

Tensions still prevail in France, after weeks of the French press publishing cartoons insulting to the Prophet Muhammad and the killing of a French history teacher by a Chechen extremist because the teacher, in turn, offered the Prophet Muhammad cartoons to his students

What made matters worse was the statements of French President Emmanuel Macron, who considered publishing the drawings a matter of journalistic affairs and that the French authorities would not impede freedom of expression, in addition to his comments on the killing of the teacher, describing him as “Islamic terrorism”, which many considered hate speech and offense, and tension did not remain a French internal affair. It developed internationally after President Macron confirmed that his country would continue publishing cartoons.

In response to this position, popular and official calls were launched in the Islamic world to boycott French products in all countries of the world, and in many countries the calls met the required result, and Muslims in most countries committed themselves to boycotting French products, while the French Foreign Ministry issued a sharp-worded statement to the Islamic countries, asking them to stop the campaign Boycott ..

However, the positions of the countries increased in intensity and moved from the popular to the official, and many foreign ministries and government agencies in a number of countries issued statements condemning France and criticizing its position, attacking the French president and his position, and many saw in them as official support for the popular boycott campaigns, and at the forefront of these countries is Qatar. – Kuwait – Saudi Arabia – Jordan – Iraq – Yemen – Al-Azhar in Egypt – Libya – Algeria – Morocco – Mauritania – Iran – Pakistan – Turkey – Chechnya – Tatarstan.

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