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46 penalties in one match

In a strange incident in a match in French stadiums, 46 penalty kicks were witnessed between the teams of Gaverlack and Belvis, after a 3-3 draw in the regular and extra time.

Where a match in the amateur championship competition in France witnessed 46 penalty kicks between the teams of Gaverlack and Belvis after a 3-3 draw in the original and extra time,

This number of penalties, which lasted for 35 minutes, is a record in France, after the previous record was in 2021 in the match between Dinan and Brest in the round of 32 in the French Cup, which is 32 penalty kicks, where 25 kicks were scored.

It is also reported that the world record is 54 penalty kicks between two amateur teams in England last March, while a match in 2019 in South Korea witnessed 62 penalty kicks, but the record was not calculated.

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