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5 bad habits that harm your immune system .. What are they?

A person may do some bad daily habits that can lead to weak immunity to diseases.
Among these bad habits are:
1. Daily stress: Extreme stress that may become a part of human life, may disrupt his bodily systems and cause serious health damage, such as weakening the immune system.
2. Inadequate nutrition: such as eating fast food regularly after a long work day or drinking excessive alcohol on the weekend.
3. Excessive hygiene When you start making a concerted effort to avoid anything dirty, you prevent your immune system from gaining the experiences it needs to develop.
4. Poor Hydration (Dehydration): Our body is largely made up of water so if you do not keep yourself hydrated it will affect your health in general and reduce the effectiveness of your immune system.
5 . Lack of sleep: Lack of sleep greatly harms health on a physical and mental level, which makes the immune system at the top of its suffering.

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