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5 home tips to relieve hemorrhoid pain

Hemorrhoids is one of the most annoying diseases for the patient, and it is in the form of swollen veins emerging from the rectum, causing excruciating pain.
Among the natural treatments for this disease, according to livestrong, all of which are home:

1. Soaking in warm water
Sitting in warm water will help soothe an external hemorrhoid. The warm water promotes blood flow to the area and helps it relax naturally.

2. Change the toilet paper brand
Using scented, hard or rough toilet paper will only irritate hemorrhoids and can make the pain worse.

3. Foods rich in fiber
High-fiber foods will help make the stool softer, so that it does not require straining to aggravate the condition.

4. Witch hazel or hamamelis
Try gently applying witch hazel extract, which acts as an astringent and may help shrink hemorrhoids.

5. Aloe Vera Cream
It is anti-inflammatory and many people find it helps with relief.

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