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The International Football Association Board “FIFA” announced a decision on the number of substitutions allowed during football matches, as the five substitutions were permanently relied upon, an idea that began to be adopted with the beginning of the Corona pandemic, instead of 3 substitutions. Spanish media reported a big surprise, which is that Barcelona coach Xavi told Gerard Pique, captain of the team, that he did not rely on him for the next season. And the site said, that Xavi told Pique that the reasons for this are due to his high salary, his frequent injuries, in addition to his activities outside the stadium that interfere with his performance in matches.

The English club, Manchester City, also announced, on its official website, the official signing of Haaland, and the English club indicated that the 21-year-old signed a 5-year contract, until 2027.

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Los Angeles Galaxy announced the signing of veteran Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini.

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton announced his participation in the Canadian Grand Prix this weekend through a post on social media, despite feeling back pain in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.
Dutch football legend Marco van Basten launched bold stances against Argentine star Lionel Messi, considering that he is incomparable to his compatriot, the late Diego Armando Maradona. In comments published by the Italian newspaper Corriere dello Sport, Van Basten said: “Pelé, Maradona, Cruyff, for me, are the biggest and most exhorted players in history, since I was young I wanted to be like Cruyff. A great player, but Maradona always had a bigger personality within the team, Messi does not have that personality that would allow him to go to war, of course we also do not forget Platini, Ronaldo and Zidane.”

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