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9/11 theater

Next chapter: Saudi Arabia?

The United States commemorated its victims who were killed on September 11, 2001, the most tragic day in American history ever. However, this year’s occasion, which marks the lapse of two decades since its events, coincides with the closing of the curtain of the military presence in Afghanistan on the one hand, and the renewed voice of the victims’ families with the need to reveal information that is still kept secret in documents that were not allowed to be published under pressure to respond to what the US administration calls (National security imperatives) and the supreme strategic interests of the United States.

Since the formation of the commission to investigate these events in 2002, doubts have begun to increase about the facts that it can reach, and what can be published of these facts. In the beginning, the presence of Henry Kissinger at the head of the committee took on practical and symbolic meanings at the same time, indicating in one of its aspects that its work would be controlled in accordance with the obligations (the necessities of national security) and the higher strategic interests of the country. He works with them. This resignation had a stimulating effect on expanding the circle of doubts about reaching the truth that is supposed to be announced as it is?! With the disclosure of the names of the 19 members of Al-Qaeda who carried out the attack, it was found that (15) of them are of Saudi nationality, (2) are from the Emirates, one is from Egypt and the last is from Lebanon. With this revelation, suspicions were directed mostly towards Saudi Arabia, which has an exceptional relationship with the United States in its level and nature.

Since the date of the formation of the committee, which produced a report of (900) pages, and until now, the same doubts have persisted in light of the failure of successive administrations of the White House to release all documents related to the investigations. In 2016, under pressure from the protests of the families of the victims, and the adoption of Senator Bob Graham, who was a member of the investigation committee, to demands to disclose the contents of the document (17), President Barack Obama allowed the publication of those (28) pages, which include a paragraph that simulates the suspicions about the responsibility of individuals from the Saudi government in the occurrence of the attack.

In that paragraph, it says: (While they were in the United States, a number of the hackers who participated in the 9/11 attacks had contacts with people who might be associated with or supported by the Saudi government).

With the withdrawal from Afghanistan entering its final phase and approaching the twentieth anniversary of these events, voices rose again to reveal and publish documents that are still kept secret. The renewed protests of the families of the victims, along with other factors that may reveal themselves in the future, prompted President Joe Biden to sign an executive order (containing directives to the Department of Justice and other related agencies, to oversee a review of the declassification of documents related to the FBI’s investigation into the events of September 11…) during six months). In a subsequent statement, Biden added, “Information gathered in the United States government’s investigation into the 9/11 terrorist attacks must be disclosed now, except when compelling and compelling reasons indicate otherwise.”

On Saturday morning, with the commemoration of the twentieth anniversary, the first document consisting of (16) pages was revealed, which did not deviate from the content of the paragraph contained in document (17) and had been published five years ago, and which does not confirm any relationship of persons associated with the Saudi government to the events of September 11.

Without a doubt, this paragraph formally belongs to the method of the ambiguous text, which is characterized by (a moving and evasive entrance), where the direction of the entrance determines the place that can be reached, and thus the meaning that will be revealed.

The satisfaction shown by the Saudi government, after the publication of this document, came from the direction of (the ambiguous door) and not from the content of the text. Where the paragraph is read in a way that indicates that there is no evidence condemning the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a state… except…? And this (except) allows the way to move the direction of the (obscuring door) at some point?

The CIA did not confirm (permanently – note the nature of the phrase) the connection between (air hackers) and (people with ties to the Saudi government).

The ambiguous text and its ambiguous door can be viewed from three keywords. The first is the (except) used by President Biden that allows him in advance to make a decision not to release the rest of the documents because there are (strong reasons) often expressed as national security imperatives. The second and third are (final form) which was quoted by the CIA, regarding confirming evidence of links between pirates and people linked to the Saudi government.

Accordingly, the decision to reveal the documents remains in the hands of the president and is subject to the obligations of the highest American interests, while the decision (Saudi responsibility) and its role in these events is up to the CIA. With regard to the documents, whatever they are and what will be published from them later, they will remain captive to the ambiguous text and its moving door and ambiguities.

Twenty years after that infernal flame that ignited in Manhattan / New York, and because of it, the platform from which the United States continues to look at the world has risen… After these two decades have passed, the curtain has been drawn on (the Afghan scene) in which the show will now be satisfied with its (local) heroes… And because of This will turn attention to the same platform, in which the voices of the families of the victims resound, and the data and perhaps the determinants of what is known as (the necessities of national security) change.

However, the question remains about the next offer. Where and who?

There are those who see the oblique door heading towards Saudi Arabia!!

But (except for) the boss remains with the doorknob itself.

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