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A comprehensive Iraqi analysis of what happened with the opening of Gulf 25

Today, Saturday, Iraqi Prime Minister Muhammad Shia’a al-Sudani said, “a comprehensive analysis of what happened at the opening ceremony of the Gulf 25 in the city of Basra.”

The Iraqi Interior Minister, Abd al-Amir al-Shammari, announced a review of the organizational matters of the Gulf 25 in Basra, noting that “Al-Sudani directed a comprehensive analysis of what happened at the opening ceremony.”

Where Al-Shammari pledged “not to repeat what happened yesterday in the organizational matters of the Gulf 25,” pointing out that “there are technical and organizational matters that will be analyzed.”

Where the Iraqi Football Association expressed, earlier today, its regret over the organizational matters that occurred during the opening ceremony of the Gulf Cup “Gulf Cup 25”, yesterday, Friday, in the city of Basra.

And the president of the federation, Adnan Darjal, stressed that “what happened in terms of organizational matters will not affect the strength of the relationship between Iraq and Kuwait, especially at the sports level,” according to a statement issued by him, today, Saturday.

In the statement, the President of the Iraqi Football Association apologized to the Kuwaiti delegation, “for the difficulties it faced in entering the Palm Trunk Stadium, and the departure of the representative of the Emir of the State of Kuwait, Chairman of the Olympic Committee, Sheikh Fahd Al-Nasser, as well as the President of the Kuwaiti Federation and members of the Board of Directors.”

The Kuwait Football Association expressed its strong dissatisfaction with the poor organization of the opening ceremony of the 25th Gulf Cup, which is currently being held in the Iraqi city of Basra.

According to the Kuwaiti Federation statement, a mass stampede and severe crowding caused it to be impossible for the representative of the Emir of the country, Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad, President of the Kuwaiti Olympic Committee, Sheikh Fahd Nasser Sabah Al-Ahmad, to enter the Palm Trunk Stadium to attend the opening ceremony, in order to preserve his safety and the safety of his accompanying delegation.

The statement also added that due to what happened and in solidarity with the representative of the Emir of the country, the president of the Kuwait Football Association and the delegation accompanying them withdrew from the opening ceremony, and informed his Iraqi counterpart and officials of the organization of the federation’s protest against these organizational matters.

However, the statement made it clear that in order to preserve the status and importance of the tournament, and in support of the brothers, the Kuwait football team will continue to participate in the tournament’s activities.

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