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A copy of the Football Laws book for more than 65 thousand euros

A rare copy of the Football Laws Book was sold at an auction in London, yesterday, Tuesday, for 65 thousand and 900 euros, according to what the international auction house “Sothpes” announced on its official website.
Sotheby’s revealed that the copy sold in 1859 was printed by the English club Sheffield, which was founded in 1857, and is considered the oldest football club in the world.

It is one of the only two known versions of the first version of the world’s most popular Laws of the Game, on the basis of which modern football has developed.
The 16 pages of the booklet present the first codified version of the sport, which was found in good condition in a scrapbook collecting memories of Sheffield.
This version also mentioned the evolution of the laws, with handwritten explanations or a printed appendix emphasizing the prohibition of “kicking” or “pushing” the ball, which was previously permitted.
The booklet contains a pencil signature of William Baker, one of Sheffield’s best players and a member of his committee, who approved the final draft of the rules on October 21, 1858, and it was printed the following year and distributed to all club members, auction house Sotheby’s said.
The only other known copy was in the archives of Sheffield FC, which was sold in July 2011 for £881,000.

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