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A country opens an investigation into a football match and the result of a basketball match

The Sierra Leone Football Association opened an investigation into the end of two matches in the second division, 91-1 and 95-0, describing them as “unreasonable results.”

The Football Association of the West African country said it was investigating officials and players who participated in the two matches, Reuters reported.
The Gulf FC team defeated Cokima Lebanon 91-1, and Lumpinbo United lost 95-0 to the Kahula Ranger, and the Sierra Leone Football Association said it does not tolerate match-fixing, or anything like that.

He also added in a statement: “Therefore, it has been assured to the general public that the aforementioned matter will be subject to a thorough investigation, and that anyone who is proven wrong will be subject to full legal punishment.”
Where, if confirmed, the two outcomes will be among the largest recorded in the history of football.
The biggest win is believed to have been in Madagascar in 2002, when Adema beat Lumiren 149-0. The losing team players intentionally scored one goal after another in protest against the refereeing decisions.

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