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A deadly virus is sweeping Israelis…and health authorities are raising the state of alert

The Ministry of Health in Benjamin Netanyahu’s government announced that 11 Israelis were killed, and 153 others were infected with the “West Nile fever” virus, most of them from the “central region,” as of today, Wednesday.

Symptoms of infection do not appear in about 80% of cases, which may exacerbate the infection among people as a result of mixing, while 20% suffer from fever-like symptoms, in addition to headaches and general pain. It is a serious disease for which there is no known treatment through medications, and it may lead to… Death for people with weak immunity, as the disease spreads as a result of the bite of mosquitoes infected with the virus.

Last week, the Ministries of Health and Environment in Netanyahu’s government discovered female mosquitoes carrying the infection in Tel Aviv and other areas in stagnant water samples, and called for the necessity of drying that water to prevent mosquitoes from multiplying.

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