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A famous American actor reveals what he was subjected to because of his solidarity with the Palestinians

American actor Jesse Williams (42 years old) revealed that he had been subjected to death threats during the past few days because of his support for the Palestinians, civilian victims, and children who were killed in Gaza as a result of the continuous Israeli bombing for more than 40 days. He confirmed on his Instagram account that his family was worried about him because of the threats he was exposed to. .

The star of the Grey’s Anatomy series supported Egyptian swimmer Abdel Rahman Haridi, after the International Swimming Federation deleted his picture from the official website despite his winning the gold medal in the World Swimming Cup in Greece, due to his support for the Palestinians. Williams published the moments documenting Haridi’s crowning of the championship, pointing out: The threats he was also exposed to.

Williams had previously expressed his solidarity with the Palestinians by describing what the Palestinians are exposed to in Gaza as a test to the world whether the civilians or children who are killed in Gaza belong to us or not.

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