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A famous Internet platform announces the lifting of the ban on Trump

The most popular video-sharing site, “YouTube”, announced the lifting of restrictions imposed on the channel of former US President Donald Trump, after nearly two years of ban imposed on it.
According to the site, which is owned by the “Alphabet” company, the risks that led to the ban were re-evaluated, with the aim of balancing the chances of voters to listen equally to the main candidates in the period leading up to the elections, and accordingly the channel of the former president of the United States of America was restarted.
And YouTube had banned Donald Trump’s official account, claiming that it violated the platform’s policy due to incitement to violence, after his supporters stormed the US Congress building during a meeting to certify Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential elections, at the beginning of the year 2021, and Trump has 2.65 million subscribers to the channel, and a total of views. It exceeded 833 million views.
Meta announced earlier this year that Trump’s accounts on Facebook and Instagram had been restored after they were banned over the same riots.

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