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A football match that lasted five hours

A Ukrainian football league match lasted for nearly five hours in the city of Dnipro, in the center of the country, as a result of it being stopped several times due to warnings of Russian air raids.
Dnipro-1 beat FC Oleksandria 1-0 in Dnipro, the city that has been targeted by Russian strikes since the entry of Russian forces into Ukraine, which began more than 20 months ago.
The players were asked to leave the field several times due to the danger of Russian air strikes.
“The match was stopped several times due to weather warnings, but it ended nonetheless,” the Ukrainian Football Union said in a statement.
The Ukrainian sports website “SportUA” also reported that the match “lasted nearly five hours,” claiming that it was the longest football match in the history of the Ukrainian Premier League.
“This is the first match that has lasted for such a long time,” Dnipro defender Eduard Sarapije said. “I wanted to finish the match.”
Ukraine is holding its local season despite the war with Russia, but the matches are being held without fans for security reasons.

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