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A general darkness may occur in my labia

The Minister of Energy in the Lebanese caretaker government, Walid Fayyad, warned that if the problem of financing Iraqi fuel shipments was not addressed quickly, Lebanon would enter “total darkness after 3 days.”
Fayyad said, according to what was reported by Al-Akhbar newspaper, “The problem is known to everyone: We have to pay the price of the fuel, and any bet that Iraq will exempt Lebanon from this price is misplaced.”
He also stated, “Out of 6 thermal plants, the Al-Zahrani plant alone produces electricity with a capacity not exceeding 200 megawatts, out of a total capacity of 465 megawatts. The reason is to economize on the amount of remaining fuel, so as not to burn more than 3 thousand tons per day.” Pointing out that “a portion of this produced energy is directed to operating basic facilities such as Beirut Airport, the port, and the main water pumps.”
Fayyad also warned that “this situation may become worse in the coming days, and the reason is that for the fifth month in a row the Bank of Lebanon did not transfer the price of fuel shipments to its Iraqi government account, which prompted the Iraqi oil marketing company SOMO to stop unloading fuel ships. Thus, Lebanon becomes financially exposed to Iraq, as the money owed was not transferred for the second year in a row.”

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