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A girl stormed Saif Saif Nabil’s party in a strange way

Social media pioneers talked about a video recording that showed inappropriate behavior by a fan during a concert by Iraqi artist Saif Nabil.

Where a female fan threw her bra at Saif Nabil,

The girl was standing behind a group of girls in the first rows of the stage, but she failed to get the bra to the stage.

As one of the security personnel was able to pick up the bra and throw it back in the same way towards the girl who tried to deliver it to the whereabouts of Saif Nabil.

Which aroused the astonishment of the audience and the laughter of those around the girl, whose followers considered that most of those around her were her friends and that they were involved with her.

There was great dissatisfaction caused by the behavior of the girl, which he considered to be greater than an attempt to draw his attention towards her, rather it indicates her attempt to present herself to him.

Many comments accompanying the clip expressed the dissatisfaction of the followers, stressing that it was an attempt to deviate society and compare it to Western society.

Among the comments: “What is the lack of politeness?

Another said: “Oh, my sweetheart, when the fan was crying and singing with the singer and trying to take a picture, it was as if he had died with some and became more body.”

And a fan of the theater stormed Saif Nabil during his concert in Damascus and hugged him for a while, before the party security intervened and removed her from the stage.

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