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A Hollywood star is in prison on charges of trying to kill his ex-girlfriend in a gruesome way

The Los Angeles County District Attorney filed a charge of attempted murder against American actor Nick Pasqual (34 years old) on charges of attempted murder of his ex-girlfriend after he broke into her home in Sunland, California, stabbed her several times using a knife, and fled, according to what was stated in the prosecution’s statement. 

In detail, Pasqual broke into the house of his ex-girlfriend, Allie Shehorn, who works as a makeup artist in Hollywood, at around 04:30 am local time last Thursday, and stabbed her between 20 and 30 times with a knife, which led to her being seriously injured. She was taken to the hospital and underwent several surgeries, while Pasqual was arrested the next day at a police checkpoint on the US border with Mexico.

Pasqual was charged with attempted murder of Shehron with a knife, first-degree residential burglary, and inflicting great bodily injury on her in circumstances involving “domestic violence,” charges that could lead him to life in prison if convicted.

The victim underwent several surgeries to repair severed tendons in her right hand and operations to close wounds in the neck, and remained in intensive care for several days. Beautician Sherhon also received $90,000 in aid to cover the costs of treatment, according to the GoFundMe website, where she received widespread sympathy in the community. 

Last year, 2023, Pasqual appeared in the famous TV show How I Met Your Mother, and the movie “Rebel Moon.”

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