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A horrific crime in Florida

Four people were killed in a shooting in the US city of Lakeland, and police announced the arrest of the perpetrator.
And the American police confirmed that the perpetrator was wearing a bullet-proof vest, when he was arrested near a house mined.
She pointed out that the shooting began at dawn today in a house north of Lakeland, where security forces received a report of hearing the sound of gunshots and upon reaching the site they found a person wearing a flak jacket and ready to fight with weapons.
As a result, the man fled into the house, which turned out to be a mine, and there was an exchange of fire, wounding the attacker, who later left the house and surrendered to the security forces.
In the house, the police and the sheriff’s office found the bodies of 4 people, two women, a man and a baby, in addition to an 11-year-old girl, who was shot several times, who was taken to a hospital.

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