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A humanitarian position on Hosni’s conspiracy

In a humanitarian gesture from the artist Tamer Hosni, he announced that he would cover all expenses for the treatment of Saeed Imam, technical director of Rotana Audio and Video Company, after he suffered from a blockage in the coronary artery resulting in a congenital heart valve defect. Saeed Imam is scheduled to travel to France within days after… Finish all procedures.
The technical director of Rotana issued a press statement, in which he thanked Tamer Hosni for his support and support, as they have had a strong friendship for a long time, stressing that he contacted him after learning the details of his condition, and informed him that he would cover the expenses of his treatment.
Saeed Imam, technical director of Rotana Audio and Visual Company, had undergone surgery to install a stent in the heart, after suffering a severe health condition, after which he was transferred to a hospital in the October area.
On the other hand, Tamer Hosni continues preparations for his new comedy film “Re Start”, which recently began filming, and a number of artists participate in the starring role, including: Mohamed Tharwat, Hana El Zahid, and Bassem Samra. It is written by Ayman Bahjat Qamar and directed by Sarah Wafik. The film is the second collaboration between Hana El Zahed and Tamer Hosni, after the great success that the duo achieved in the movie “I Love You.”

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