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A Jordanian court sentences a young man to death for slaughtering his mother!

A Jordanian court sentenced him to death by hanging a young man who killed his mother, Nahra, at knifepoint.
The court’s decision stated that the offender was using drugs, beating his mother and threatening her, prompting her to leave the Marka area of Amman to another governorate in northern Saudi Arabia, but that she was coming to his house to do her duty towards him as a mother and cleaning the house and washing his clothes.
When she spoke to him to try to persuade him to quit using drugs and let go of problems with neighbours, he brought a knife and stabbed her 12 stab wounds in isolated parts of her body before smoothing her neck.
The neighbours attended to the mother’s screams before her death, immediately informing the security services, which arrested the accused in turn and referred him to the High Criminal Court.

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