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A large donation of wheat from Russia to Cuba

The Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade, Ana Terceta Gonzalez Fraga, revealed that Russia had sent Cuba 25,000 tons of wheat for free, noting that the ship carrying the grain had arrived in Cuba,

The official said, “On behalf of the Cuban government and people, we express our sincere thanks to the Russian government for sending 25,000 tons of wheat, which will contribute to the production of food for our people.”

The Russian Ambassador Andrei Guskov also participated in the official ceremony for the delivery of humanitarian aid.

It is noteworthy that Russia exported in the first half of the agricultural year 2022-2023 a total of 22.7 million tons of wheat, and the total export volume for the entire season could reach 44.3 million tons.

The “Soficon” Center for Analytical Studies stated that “in the first six months of the 2022-2023 season, Russia exported 22.7 million tons of wheat, an increase of 0.2 million tons over the previous year.”

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