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A letter from Muhammad Imam to Majid Al-Kadwani

The artist, Mohamed Imam, published a special poster for his new movie, “Abu Nasab,” which stars him only with the star Majed El-Kedwany, and the heroine of the work, Yasmine Sabry, does not appear in it. Imam sent a private message to El-Kedwany in which he confirmed that he was honored to work with him.
Muhammad Imam posted on his official Facebook page a new poster for the movie Abu Nasab, which brings him together with Majed Al-Kedwany, and commented on it, saying: “I am happy to work with you and I am honored by you. Your talent is an incentive and your morals are a lesson. Thank you for everything.”
Where, with a scene from Yasmine Sabry’s wedding to Muhammad Adel Imam, the first teaser was released for the movie “Abu Nasab”, which is the third collaboration between the two stars, and it is scheduled to be shown in Egypt on December 21, while it will be shown in all Gulf countries on December 28. To launch a package of films for the middle of the school year and the beginning of the new year.
The advertisement was released on the platforms of Muhammad Imam and Yasmine Sabry on social networking sites at the same time, with one comment saying: We trust in God. The first advertisement for the movie Abu Nasb was released on December 21 in all cinemas in Egypt, and on December 28 in all the Arab world.
Mohamed Imam appeared in the trailer for the movie Abu Nasab at his wedding to Yasmine Sabry, to the tune of the song “Our Groom El Zein.” After several chases in the wedding dress, Majed El-Kedwany appears to reveal that he is a gang leader and embodies the character of Yasmine Sabry’s father. He introduces Mohamed Imam to the gang, describing him as “ Abu Nasb.”
The movie “Abu Nasab” stars Mohamed Imam, Majed El-Kedwany, Yasmine Sabry, Wafaa Amer, Hala Fakher, Mohamed Tharwat, Mohamed Lotfy and a number of other artists, and a group of honorary guests. The film was written by Ayman Wattar and directed by Rami Imam.
The events take place in a social and comedic context, around Mohamed Imam, who plays the role of a pediatrician and lives a love story with Yasmine Sabry, who embodies the character of Life Coach, in their third work together. They previously collaborated for the first time in the movie “Hell in India” in 2016, and then they met for the first time. The second in the movie “A Night Here and Sorour” in 2018, and they return to work together after an absence of 5 years in the movie “Abu Nasab.”
Mohamed Imam and Yasmine Sabry are competing for the revenues of the mid-year school season, with the presence of a large number of distinguished films, including “A Nose and Three Eyes” by Dhafer El Abidine and Amina Khalil, which is shown as part of the Arab Masterpieces package at the third session of the Red Sea Film Festival, in addition to the film Shamarekh by Aser Yassin and Amina. Khalil and directed by Amr Salama, and “Al-Iskandarani” is the first absolute starring role for the star Ahmed Al-Awadi in cooperation with the star Zina and directed by Khaled Youssef.

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