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A mobilization in Lebanon after dozens of prisoners fled from Baabda

After the news spread of the escape of dozens of prisoners from one of Lebanon prisons, the Lebanese President demanded to tighten the arrest of the escaping prisoners, who apparently dispersed in many directions after their escape, especially since 5 of them died in an accident after escaping, which may pose a danger to the common people in Lebanon. .

In the details, the General Directorate of the Lebanese Internal Security Forces issued a statement announcing that 69 prisoners had escaped from the glasses of the Qasr Adl police station in Baabda, saying that 15 escapees had been arrested, and 4 had surrendered, while 5 escapees died during a traffic accident, confirming that searches are underway to arrest them. The rest of the escaped prisoners, who numbered 44, should …

In turn, the Lebanese President, Michel Aoun, asked the Minister of Interior in the caretaker government, Mohamed Fahmy, to strictly search for the escapees from the Palace of Justice police station in Baabda, arrest them, and investigate the circumstances of their escape.

The government commissioner at the Military Court, Acting Judge Fadi Akiki, assigned all security agencies to conduct the investigations and investigations necessary to arrest all the escapees, determine how the escape took place and indicate whether there was complicity in this process in preparation for taking the necessary measures against them.

Baabda Municipal Police said, in press statements, that “its personnel managed to arrest 8 prisoners who escaped from Baabda prison and were handed over to State Security, while the prosecution process continues with the security forces to arrest the other escapees.”

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