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A monument to the artists Afaf Shoaib and Tamer Hosny

The artist, Afaf Shoaib, spoke through a television interview, and mentioned during the meeting about the rumor of her death that spread during the past few days.

Afaf Shuaib said that 3 of her brothers had died in the last period and she was suffering from a bad condition, and this had a great impact on her life.

Afaf Shoaib revealed that she was subjected to a scam, not only, but also the artist Tamer Hosni, whom she described as a respected person who loves good, and told a situation that occurred at the time of filming the series “Adam”, saying: “He and I were subjected to a scam and paid money to a man to help people, and it turned out that he was a swindler.”

It is worth noting that the artist Afaf Shoaib recently participated in the series “Zay Al Qamar”, and a group of artists participated in the series, including Dora, Sabreen, Aiten Amer, Mai Kassab.

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