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A new assassination shakes Iranian circles

There were conflicting news and the permits intertwined between promises and threats of revenge on the one hand and denial on the other hand, in a clear confusion that prevailed over the Iranian official circles after the news of the assassination of one of the most important nuclear scientific figures in the country spread ..

In the details, several different Iranian media outlets widely reported the assassination of one of the largest scientists specializing in the field of nuclear missiles on Friday, in the cold Damavand region in Iran, and published initial shots from the assassination site and a photo of the vehicle in which the operation took place ..

According to the sources quoted by the Iranian media and the state radio station, the assassination took place only hours before, and the efforts of the medical personnel did not succeed in keeping the world alive, confirming that the scientist who was assassinated was Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, who was one of the most influential scholars in the field. Scientific research in Iran ..

While the Iranian Atomic Energy Agency responded, denying the occurrence of any assassination incident related to its scientists ..

After the Iranian energy was denied, one of the leaders of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard posted a tweet to him on “Twitter” confirming the news, in which he said that his country would take revenge and said: “We will avenge the killing of nuclear scientists as we did in the past.” Iranian agencies indicated when reporting the news that the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, had previously spoken about the danger of this world, and published his photo during a presentation in which he talked about the escalation of Iran’s nuclear capability, coinciding with America’s announcement of withdrawal from the nuclear agreement with Iran.

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