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A new disease strikes Lebanon, with devastating effects

Lebanese circles were preoccupied with the “drugs” dilemma after a video of a young man who lost control of himself as a result of drug use was spread on social media.
The clip spread like wildfire, and it was accompanied by an explanation that the security services are warning of a new dangerous product being promoted to young men in Lebanese markets, with fatal symptoms.
The video received positive response from social media users, calling on the political authority to redouble its efforts to combat this scourge that strikes society.
In turn, a security source told Al that the security services have not been able to determine the date of the video yet, confirming that the person shown is under the influence of the drug “crystal meth,” a type that spreads very quickly among Lebanese youth, especially after the end of the video. Corona outbreak.
He explained that “crystal meth” is methamphetamine derived from “amphetamine.” It is a stimulant drug that affects the mind and results in a feeling of a lot of energy, hypervigilance, sharpness and self-confidence.
The source also pointed out that the reason for the rapid spread of this type in particular is due to its low cost, as one gram equals $10, stressing that a large percentage of those arrested on charges of abuse are addicted to the type of “crystal meth,” stressing that it is a worrying rate because this drug directly hits the brain. .
He also pointed out that what raises the level of concern about its wider spread in Lebanon is that its industrial composition comes from materials that enter the country legally under the name “medical materials” that are used in the manufacture of cleaning materials, revealing that the largest percentage of those who use the drug “crystal meth” It is spread in the Beirut and Mount Lebanon governorates.
For his part, Joseph Hawat, head of the “JAD” Foundation (Youth Against Drugs), explained to Al that there is nothing new in the video that spread, as the drug is “crystal meth” or what is known as “Shabu” in the Arab countries, in addition to To other types that have been widespread in Lebanon for years, but the difference today is that “crystal meth” has spread rapidly in Lebanon in the last two years.
Hawat explained that drug use doubled in Lebanon after the end of the Corona epidemic, as the “JAD” Association monitored an increasing percentage of young people who abuse several types of drugs, especially “crystal meth.”
It is noteworthy that the security services in Lebanon launched intensive campaigns to close drug and Captagon pill factories and arrest those involved in them.
It was able to thwart dozens of Captagon smuggling operations to many countries, through public facilities.
In this context, Hawat pointed out that in the last eighteen months, the Lebanese security services thwarted 72 million Captagon pills that were intended to be smuggled abroad.
Since the fall of 2019, Lebanon has entered the worst economic and financial crisis in its modern history, during which its national currency collapsed against the dollar, which negatively affected the work of vital sectors such as education, hospitalization, and banking.

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