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A new scandal is chasing Erdogan’s family in collusion with the Turkish judiciary, the full story

A Turkish court has ruled withholding a press report on the Turkish Youth Endowment, known as “TÜGVA”, an institution whose most prominent founder is the president’s son, Bilal Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in a decision that violates a previous decision not to withhold the report that dealt with “leaks” about endowment.
The Turkish newspaper, Cumhuriyet, described the association as a parallel terrorist organization that attracts young supporters of the ruling Justice and Development Party, led by Erdogan, with service and educational addresses, based on recently leaked documents stating that the association’s board of directors, led by Bilal Erdogan, appointed hundreds of people in the ranks of the army, security forces and government institutions. other and prepare lists of such persons.
During his statements on the twelfth of last month, the head of the endowment, Anas Eminoglu, said that “the leaked documents regarding the endowment are false,” while he himself announced the next day that the documents had been leaked.
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