A new security wall in the northern West Bank

The Israeli forces placed cement blocks along the security wall west of the town of Qaffin, north of Tulkarm, in the northern West Bank, to separate thousands of agricultural dunums owned by Palestinian citizens from the surrounding villages.

This section extends from the village of Salem to the city of Tulkarm, and the concrete wall rises to 9 meters, and is 45 kilometers long. This section of the wall includes fortifications and electronic means. Farmers say that only 5 thousand dunums of the town of Qaffin will be denied to farmers, in addition to tens of thousands of people. The dunums belong to the neighboring villages, and in the past we used to enter for 3 days and often they prevented us under security pretexts, but with the construction of this wall we will be prevented from entering, because there is an intention to restrict us and steal our agricultural lands.

This section will also replace another section in the separation wall, which was built about twenty years ago, and citizens used to access their agricultural lands within a specific period of time and on an annual basis, says Tayseer Amarneh, Mayor of Akkaba, Tulkarm district.

These are Palestinian lands, and with the construction of the wall, we will not be able to access under security pretexts, and our lands will be taken away with these flimsy pretexts. They implemented the fence, they said, a security fence, and today they are building a concrete wall for the same reason, and the loser is the Palestinian who will lose his land that he cultivates.

Whereas, last November, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz approved the construction of a new concrete wall in the northern West Bank, with a length of 100 km. Implementation of its construction has begun in stages, and the first stage will extend to approximately 45 km.

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