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A new star in Tamer Hosni’s movie

Star Tamer Hosni announced that actor Bassem Samra has joined the team of his new film called “Re Start.”
The Egyptian artist shared with his followers on “Instagram” a picture of him with the star of the series “Al-Ataula”, which was shown during the last month of Ramadan, and he accompanied it with the comment: “Join the family of my new film, “Re Start”, the love of my heart and ten years of age, the great star Basem Samra. Congratulations to us, Abu Samra, you enlightened the film. “.
The audience interacted widely with the picture, and thousands of them admired it. They expressed their happiness with this decision and this addition to the work, wishing them success in the new work, which appears from its name to be a romantic comedy.
This announcement came after Tamer Hosni confirmed that he had begun preparing for a new film, in which he would collaborate with star Hana El Zahed, screenwriter Ayman Bahgat Qamar, and director Sarah Wafik.

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