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A new surprise for Huawei fans

In light of the strong and continuous competition among the smart phone giants, and the constant obsession to add everything new in the world of advanced technology, the leading Chinese company, Huawei, intends to surprise its smartphone fans in the next 2021 ..

According to the “GSM Arena” technical website, Huawei intends to adopt a new technology in its phones called “liquid lens”, which will significantly improve the stability, concentration and clarity of the images captured by its phones ..

How much it will reduce the focus time of the images to a few milliseconds to become almost identical to the focus of the human eye, which made experts call these new lenses “semi-human lenses” …

Also, these lenses can change the position of the lens for close-ups instead of moving the lenses, in a way also similar to human lenses ..

Huawei will support its new liquid lenses with a new sensor from Sony called “IMX 782”.

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