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A picture of Shakira and Pique brings the story of their dispute back to the fore

A picture of the famous duo, Spanish football player Gerard Pique and his wife, Colombian singer of Lebanese origin, Shakira, spread before their separation, as they had a sharp fight in front of the children, before their actual separation took place last July.
Pictures of the duo spread and became the talk of the media and social networking sites, especially as it showed Pique quarreling violently with the international star in front of their children, while Shakira appeared screaming with great emotion in the player’s face, and the children appeared between them silent, amid speculation that the real reason behind the violent quarrel What happened between them before the separation despite their presence on a family trip is “betrayal”.
While the details of the problem were not officially revealed, these photos brought to mind the recent appearance of Pique with his new girlfriend Clara Shea and his kiss to her, with rumors that this relationship is the reason for the separation.
On the other hand, it seems that the dispute between Shakira and Gerard Pique did not stop at the point of separation, as negotiations between the two are not going well over a far-reaching agreement on child custody that could end up in court, and according to what was published by the marca website, the prominent couple would like Avoid this scenario, but it appears that the only way to resolve their current dispute is in court, with a source saying, “It is very likely that the two will end up facing each other in court.”

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