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A political earthquake is coming in Lebanon

Those close to the prominent Lebanese Sunni politician Saad Hariri revealed their expectations that he will announce within hours a decision that may constitute a political earthquake in Lebanon, which is suffering from an unprecedented financial collapse.
It is expected that Hariri will announce today, Monday, that he will not run in the parliamentary elections in May and that his party may boycott the elections, according to members of his movement, in what could become a political earthquake at a time when the country is suffering from a financial collapse.
Hariri has served as prime minister three times since he inherited the political mantle of his father, Rafik Hariri, after his assassination in 2005.
Upon his arrival in Lebanon on Thursday, Hariri held a series of meetings with members of the Future Movement and senior Lebanese politicians, and he is scheduled to announce his position at four in the afternoon (1400 GMT),
Hariri’s upcoming announcement also comes at a time when Lebanon is suffering from a financial crisis described by the World Bank as one of the most severe crises the world has ever recorded.
As the representative of the Future Movement, Muhammad Al-Hajjar, said, I expect that Hariri will announce that he will not participate in the upcoming elections. It is most likely that Prime Minister Hariri will not participate, and the Future Movement will not participate either, but the conversation is about what Prime Minister Saad Hariri will say tomorrow at 4 o’clock. If this is the decision, then the exit will be from Parliament and the authority and not from political life.
Hariri has yet to publicly state any reasons for a possible boycott, although political sources say he has expressed discontent with what he described as a hindrance to his earlier efforts to govern.

The deputy head of the Future Movement, Mustafa Alloush, told Reuters that “it is now known… that he will not run” in the parliamentary elections. “However, the rest is still under discussion for now,” he said.
Some analysts say that boycotting the largest Sunni movement in Lebanon, which would lead to chaos in the Sunni political scene, may lead to calls for delay.

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