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A popular movement to confront the separation of Lebanon

Lebanese politician and social activist, Khaldoun Al-Sharif, revealed that “a group of Tripoli residents prepared a report for the Public Prosecution in the north”, about a video posted by a news site on Facebook.

This came after writings were published
“Republic of North Lebanon – Is Zero Hour approaching?”, in which the Secretary-General of the “Permanent Conference of Federalism”, Alfred Riachi, indicated that “what is happening in North Lebanon is very dangerous,” revealing that “there is reliable information from international bodies that confirm That there are those who are preparing to separate northern Lebanon (specifically the regions of Akkar, Dinnieh and Tripoli) from the rest of the Lebanese regions, and to establish the so-called Republic of North Lebanon.
Khaldoun Al-Sharif also said: “This video and the information that has been provided is a source of sedition, racial and sectarian strife, and undermining national unity within the framework of the crimes stipulated in Articles 295 and 317 of the Penal Code.”
He added: “Therefore, and to prevent the city of Tripoli from being a local and external mailbox to strike its unity and image and seek to create destabilization for social security, the signatories of the lawsuit will submit it immediately after Eid and follow it up with the competent judicial authorities to prevent the recurrence of such sedition attempts,” stressing that “the signatories will launch A popular petition rejecting such attempts, seeking to strike the city, coexistence and the unity of the country.

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