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A resounding fall for Liverpool. Leiva registers hat trick

The second day of the first round of the Champions League group stage ended with major results, in which Lewandowski scored a hat-trick to lead Spain’s Barcelona to a major win at the expense of Czech side Victoria Plzen.
In today’s games Ajax thrashed the Scottish Rangers with a quadruple, with Portugal’s Sporting Lisbon beating with a clean hat-trick hosts Entrecht Frankfurt.
Germany’s Bayern Munich returned from Italy with an important win over Inter Milan with a clean double, and Barcelona also thrashed host Victoria Plazen by five for a goal.
In Italy, Napoli also tore Liverpool’s guest nets with horror, while Spurs honored the French host Marseille with two goals.
Spanish side Atletico Madrid managed to beat Portuguese hosts Porto by two goals, and Belgium’s Club Brugge managed to get past German hosts Leverkusen with a clean goal.

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