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A Russian donation of wheat to Lebanon

Yesterday, Saturday, Lebanese media reported a preliminary agreement between Lebanon and Syria regarding the latter’s provision of a monthly donation of wheat to Beirut.

The Lebanese newspaper reported that the Russian ambassador, Alexander Rudakov, obtained approval from his country’s government to provide Lebanon with a donation of 40,000 tons of wheat per month.

The Russian “gift” is scheduled to continue, on a monthly basis, until the end of this year, and it is also subject to extension.

The Russian ambassador also explained the “approval” as helping Lebanon to overcome the flour crisis.

Where the bread crisis returned to the fore again with the delay of the Banque du Liban to open credits for wheat ships, while the head of the bakery owners’ syndicate, Ali Ibrahim, confirms that the emerging crisis is not due to a shortage of wheat, but rather because the credits were not opened, which led to a shortage of flour in the bakeries.

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