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A senior American official was arrested on charges of espionage

The Associated Press reported, citing its sources, that last Friday, Manuel Rocha (73 years old), the former US ambassador to Bolivia, was arrested on charges of spying for Cuba, in the American state of Miami.
Rocha faces charges of working to promote the interests of the Cuban government, according to the text of the indictment issued by the US Department of Justice.
Rocha had served as a diplomat in the US Interests Section in Cuba during the period of tense relations between the two countries during the era of the late President Fidel Castro. He also worked in the highest US diplomatic position in Argentina between 1997 and 2000, after which he worked as the US ambassador to Bolivia. In 2002, he directly intervened in the presidential elections, as he warned the Bolivia authorities several weeks before the vote that the United States would stop its aid to Bolivia if former Bolivian President Evo Morales was elected.
Rocha worked for 25 years in the diplomatic field in many other countries, including Mexico, Italy, Honduras and the Dominican Republic, in addition to his work as an expert on Latin American affairs in the National Security Council.

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