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A strongly worded message from Egypt to Israel

Egypt sent decisive warning messages to Tel Aviv.
Sources revealed that Cairo sent warning messages to Tel Aviv, threatening to review and reduce diplomatic relations with it if it launched a military operation against Rafah.
It indicated that Egypt had taken a decision to reduce communications between the two countries, limiting them to the security level only regarding the truce and the prisoner deal, while freezing any communications with the Israeli government.
The sources also confirmed that there is Egyptian anger at Israeli reports regarding Cairo’s approval to begin a military operation in Rafah. In addition, the sources stressed that Cairo assured Israel that it would not allow the policy of forced displacement of Palestinians.
Egypt indicated by informing Israel that discussing any change in the status of the Salah al-Din Axis is completely rejected.
Egypt deployed about 40 tanks and armored personnel carriers in northeastern Sinai during the past two weeks, as part of a series of measures to enhance security on its border with Gaza.
She also hinted at the possibility of suspending the peace treaty signed in 1979, or what is known as the Camp David Accords, if Rafah, which is crowded with displaced Palestinian civilians, is invaded.
It is noteworthy that many Western countries, led by America, in addition to the European Union, have repeatedly warned against attacking Rafah, especially since more than half of Gaza’s population of 2.3 million people fled to that city to escape the war and Israeli raids in other areas. They are crowded into sprawling UN-run camps, schools and shelters near the border.

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