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A surprise that may change the course of the investigation into the murder of a Syrian worker in Nancy Ajram’s house

Circulating press information revealed that new developments appeared in the case of the killing of the Syrian Muhammad Musa at the hands of Fadi Al-Hashem, the husband of the Lebanese artist Nancy Ajram, that would change the course of the investigation in favor of accusing Al-Hashem of premeditated murder, unlike what Al-Hashem claims that he was defending himself when his house was robbed by Mousa.

According to the information, the Al-Mousa family is to reassign attorney Ashraf Al-Moussawi, in order to reopen the case, because it has new evidence that was described as shocking because it confirms the existence of a pre-existing relationship between Al-Hashem and Musa.

The dead man’s family said that they had evidence of previous contacts between their son and the artist’s husband, Nancy, which the latter denied, as Nancy’s family claimed that there was no relationship or knowledge with Muhammad, and that he entered the villa with the aim of stealing.

In addition, the Al-Mousa family says that there is other evidence that confirms the distortion of what was filmed by the surveillance cameras.

Although nearly two years have passed since the murder of the young man, the court has not yet issued its decision regarding Fadi Al-Hashem.

Al-Mousa was killed in Nancy’s house with 18 shots from a military pistol at the hands of her husband, the dentist Fadi, and the Al-Mousa family had confirmed that her son was working in the villa, and he entered it at night after Al-Mousa refused to pay his financial dues.

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