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A Syrian village prevents the Americans

Today, Saturday, the people of a Syrian village prevented US soldiers from entering their village and forced them to leave.
According to the Syrian News Agency, a US convoy tried to pass through the village of Salhia Harb in the Qamishli area.
The agency added that the villagers, with the support of members of the Syrian army, prevented him and forced him to leave the area.

It is also noteworthy that US army armored vehicles and soldiers have intensified during the past few days their attempts to break into the military checkpoints of the Syrian Arab Army and the villages under its control in eastern Syria, all of which failed as a result of the rejection and popular resistance to it.

Earlier, the residents of the villages of Damkhiya, Abu Dhail, Hamo and al-Qusayr in the Qamishli area in the northern countryside of Hasaka, and the village of Mujibera and Umm al-Dhahab in the eastern and northern countryside of al-Hasakah, confronted US military armored vehicles and forced them to retreat with the support of soldiers from the Syrian Arab Army, in the context of increasing the rejection rate. The unequivocal presence of the occupation forces and the popular movement against it on Syrian territory.

While Syrian field sources revealed that “the American occupation forces and the armies of the alleged “international coalition” are trying to find legitimacy for their illegal presence by approaching the barriers of the Syrian Arab Army and the villages and towns under its control.”

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