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A terrible accident claimed the life of a young Syrian woman in front of her mother in Lattakia

The young Syrian woman, Nada Daoud (26 years), died last night after being watered in one of the rainwater collection pits in the city of Latakia. Her mother, who was with her, survived.

 Torrential rains washed the girl’s body into sewage pits 15 meters deep, where all efforts of rescue teams and local volunteers failed to save the girl’s life.

 Pages on social media published pictures from the scene of the accident, while the friends of the victim, a student in the College of Engineering, mourned their loss with poignant words, while much criticism was directed at the administrative negligence and negligence that occurred in many administrative and service joints inside the country, to turn into a public opinion issue amid a state of great indignation. on government performance.

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