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A tripartite Palestinian-Egyptian-Jordanian summit in Cairo tomorrow

An Egyptian newspaper revealed, according to an informed Egyptian source, that Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett was scheduled to attend a Palestinian-Egyptian-Jordanian-Israeli summit in Sharm El-Sheikh on Thursday.
The source added that the idea was changed in favor of a tripartite Arab summit, mainly, to build a unified position before entering into the course of talks with Washington on peace negotiations, prior to the start of the periodic meetings of the United Nations General Assembly, which will start its work this month.
The source told the newspaper that the summit would focus on “building a unified Arab position on the resumption of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations and contacts with the United States, as a result of the visit of William Burns, Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, to Cairo, Ramallah and Tel Aviv, more than two weeks ago.”
He added that “one of the results of Burns’ talks in the three capitals was the last meeting between Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz and the president of the Palestinian Authority.”
The source continued that the leaders of Egypt, Jordan and Palestine will build on a previous move about 3 months ago, with an Egyptian invitation to hold an international conference to resume the peace negotiation process, based on Egyptian-American contact, which was reinforced by recent events in Gaza.

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