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A very important space discovery that will make all the inhabitants of the Earth rich!!!

At the end of the last century, the American space agency NASA spotted a small asteroid between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter in the asteroid belt region, about 370 million km from Earth, to be revealed later that it contains huge amounts of pure gold, in addition to platinum, iron and nickel in varying proportions.

Experts in the British newspaper “The Sun” estimated the value of gold on the asteroid, which was called “Psyke,” at about 10,000 quadrillion US dollars. A number equal to approximately one million billion, which prompted the newspaper to believe that such an amount would make all the inhabitants of the planet billionaires, as it put it. However, the quantities of gold discovered would, if they reached the earth, lead to the collapse of the global gold economy.

NASA believes that Psyche is one of the asteroids that survived violent collisions, which occurred between celestial bodies, many of which were destined to disappear, or that it is the core or nucleus of another planet that was destroyed as a result of those collisions during the formation of the solar system, which will make analysis of The “Saki” asteroid answers many questions about how the planet was formed, and for this purpose, the US space agency NASA is preparing to launch a special space mission to “Saki” in the summer of next year 2022 to explore the origin of the solar system.

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