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A warning message from Tamer Hosni to every newlywed couple

Artist Tamer Hosni sent a warning message to every newlywed couple on their wedding night, by publishing a video clip from the scenes of the first part of the movie “Omar and Salma,” specifically the last scene in the movie related to the wedding.
Tamer posted the video on his Instagram account, in which he appeared running and holding the hand of artist Mai Ezz El-Din during their wedding scene in the movie, but they slipped and fell to the ground.
Where Tamer commented on the video, saying: “A message to every groom who is not reckless and Tamer Hosni is doing it because you have someone wearing a dress in which she is learning to walk… And the origin of the scene was like this, as you can see… I mean, I myself spread a mattress that they are studying until today in China. ..God bless you, Salma.”
On the other hand, artist Tamer Hosni is preparing to perform a concert in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, next August 3, as part of a series of summer concerts.
Tamer Hosni performed a huge concert on April 19, in Family Park in New Cairo, at the Schools Festival, which came on the occasion of the graduation of more than 50 schools in Egypt.

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