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A wide controversy in Egypt about Mrs. Umm Kulthum, one-sided love, poetic theft, and the Public Prosecution intervenes

The Egyptian Authors, Composers and Publishers Association announced that it had filed a complaint with the Egyptian Public Prosecutor against the poet Nasser Dowidar, accusing him of insulting the poet Ahmed Ramy and the late Egyptian artist Umm Kulthum, describing Dowidar’s statements as “shameful and reprehensible.”

The poet Nasser Dowidar, a member of the Egyptian Writers Union, had sparked a wave of anger within the Egyptian artistic and social circles during a cultural evening, describing the Egyptian singer, nicknamed the Planet of the East, as selfish and that she was taking advantage of the poet Ahmed Ramy’s love for her, and accused her of stealing two songs by a young poet named Ali Mahdi who had given a mother Kulthum two poems, but she gave them to other poets in order to build on them and compose them.

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