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A woman storms a bank in Lebanon

A group of depositors, including an armed woman, stormed a bank in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, and held hostages for a short period, before leaving after receiving part of a deposit.

A source from the bank said that the armed depositor and her accomplices left the bank after receiving $13,000 and about six million Lebanese pounds.

The source added, in the association that defends Lebanese citizens whose savings were suspended in Lebanese banks in light of the financial collapse, that “the woman was seeking to access her savings to pay the costs of her sister’s cancer treatment.”

A source in BLOM Bank confirmed that the hostage situation had ended.

The depositor, “S.H”, also threw gasoline on herself and threatened to set herself on fire, if she did not hand over her deposit to treat her sick sister, according to the official media agency.

The woman also posted a video on her Facebook page, and said that she had stormed a branch of “Blom Bank” in the Ashrafieh area.

And she later said, the depositors’ association: “The armed depositor leaves the bank after receiving 20 thousand dollars from her savings to treat her sister from Al-Sir.tan.”

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