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A young man committing a massacre on Christmas

U.S. California State Police arrested a man who shot his grandmother and his father’s girlfriend, killing them, while the family was opening Christmas presents.
Police said the 23-year-old suspect, Austin Alvarez, arrived at the house where Christmas gifts were exchanged and then he opened fire, killing Magdalena Alvarez, his 58-year-old grandmother, and Mesa Rashid, his father’s 39-year-old girlfriend.
She explained that “when Alvarez was leaving the house, he noticed his father in a parked car, shooting at him but not at him,” noting that “Alvarez was arrested about 10 miles from the scene of the shooting.”
Two counts of murder and one count of attempted murder had been filed with Alvarez, and a bond of $2.5 million had been set, showing that the motive had not been determined and the investigation was ongoing.

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