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Abbas Al-Nouri talks about his marital relationship

Syrian star Abbas Al-Nouri sparked controversy with his statements about his relationship with his wife, “Anoud Khaled,” as he confirmed that he does not even think about divorce, detonating a surprise that the infallibility is in her hands, not in his.

Al-Nouri said during his stay as a guest on one of the Lebanese TV programs, “I can’t work like this with my wife, not in jest or with seriousness, and then infallibility is in the hands of my wife and not in my hands, she is the one who divorces me .. From the time I raised the flag, it is everything.”

Speaking about his wife, writer Anoud Khaled, Al-Nouri added: “She was not the first woman in my life, but she was the first love, and it was not the first experience in my life, but it was the first love and I was the first thing I saw in something inside me. He said this is your wife.”

Al-Nouri also added: “Until now, there are many matters related to my personality and my relationship with the world based on this basic compass, which I call “Anoud” and on her mind, ability, transparency, affection, innocence and power.”

Al-Nouri also confirmed that “his wife was afraid of him, not him, and she used to say that if people did not know him in the street and approach him, the matter is more painful than seeing all the people approaching you and accepting you.”

And whether he would ask his son to marry a woman who resembles his mother, he said: “I cannot tell him that, although I wish so, but neither I nor his mother impose anything on him. Our family relationship does not have the power of the father. I do not want to repeat my father. However, I have flaws I am not ashamed of my shortcomings, and I hope my children will judge me for my mistakes.”

On the other hand, on the technical level, Abbas Al-Nouri, as usual, achieved a distinguished presence in the last Ramadan season, as he participated in the championship of the series “The Levant Environment” “Haret Al-Qubba” directed by Rasha Sharbatji and “With Suspension of Execution” directed by Seif El-Din Subai’i.

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